50% growth for In-Space Missions!

We are delighted to announce a new member of the team.  Our new Director of Space Systems, Ed Stevens, joined us from SSTL on the 26th February.  With Ed on board we now have full capability to support and develop missions and technologies from concept to operations including design, build, test and launch.

In-Space Missions Limited just doubled in size

We’re delighted to report that on the 1st November 2016, Tony Holt joined ISML as an equal partner in the role of Chief Technology Officer.  Tony joins us from SSTL where he was Director of Engineering for the past 3 years.  A highly experienced spacecraft engineer with over 25 years of challenging missions under his belt, Tony has taken a leading role on projects at SSTL, Astrium (Airbus) and Logica (CGI) in his long career.

Tony will support existing ISML activities as well as devise and drive forwards many of our novel service and technology demonstration offerings.

Smart IOD – Sustainable, Commercial In-Orbit Demonstration!

In-Space Missions Limited has initiated a funded project to develop a sustainable, commercial model for  In-Orbit Demonstration.  The approach being tested in this project will facilitate low cost rides for technology payloads; offer enhanced capability to the new generation of operational nanosatellite missions; and will provided funded opportunities to develop novel payloads and services.

The activity has been co-funded under the UKSA NSTP-2 budget line.