Hana Bird gives an insight into her role as a Spacecraft Engineer for In-Space Missions.

Hana Bird – Space Operations Engineer - In-Space Missions bio image

Hi Hana, tell us how you came to work for In-Space Missions Limited.

I came to In-Space after working in the Space industry for 6 years, starting as an apprentice and working my way up to a Spacecraft Operations Engineer. It’s been an amazing journey.

What does a Spacecraft Operations Engineer do and what might an average day look like?

Spacecraft Operations covers a wide range of activities. Day to day, you could be communicating with multiple Spacecraft through the Ground Segment, carrying out housekeeping activities, scheduling payload activities and experiments, and other exciting mission objectives. There’s a lot of planning involved, and attention to detail, but every single day is different. Spacecraft Operations also covers pre-launch activities such as developing mission ConOps, ground testing and planning for further missions.

What’s the best thing about working in the space industry?

Working in the space industry is incredibly rewarding; seeing a mission from conception to completion and being involved at each step is fascinating. The space industry is home to so many enthusiastic and passionate people, and an incredible amount of shared knowledge. If you’re looking to learn, it’s the place to be.

What do you do in your spare time?

I’ve been teaching myself to crochet, and absolutely love chilling with my dog, and watching documentaries. When the world starts to open up again, I can’t wait to start going out for brunches, coffees in cafes and evenings at the pub!

Article  by In-Space Missions
Date: 7th April 2021