Welcome to the latest feature in our ‘Day in the life’ series with AIT engineer Louis Parisi.

Louis Parisi – AIT Technician - In-space Missions

How do you spend a typical day at work?

I get to work early and I spend a lot of my time in the cleanroom where I develop payload CubeSats. My role involves assembling the satellites then playing a key part in testing to ensure that they do what they were meant to do and checking how they respond in certain scenarios. The job requires a strong knowledge of satellite systems and common AIT processes and the ability to find effective ways of doing things to get the job completed.

Being an Assembly Integration and Test (AIT) engineer means that I am involved with the team that provide the engineering support during the design phase then the build and test of the satellites. Recently I have been building a lot of the electronic ground station equipment in preparation for the testing our new series of satellites.

How do you feel about the successful launch of the Faraday Phoenix Spacecraft?

It is fantastic, knowing that all of your hard work has left Earth and is in space doing amazing things!

What are the key skills that you have found you need in order to do your job?

I need to be aware of the importance of the procedures with a good eye for detail. Having a keen interest in the space industry helps. There are lots of electrical jobs available but to find one in space is far more exciting and having a passion for it is definitely an advantage.

What lead you into a career in space?

I was lucky enough to get onto a 4 year Engineering apprenticeship with QinetiQ at MOD Boscombe Down. While I was doing my placement years I had the opportunity to move across to the space side and worked with electric propulsion and thrusters team where I gained practical hands on experience in spaceflight assembly. This experience working on procedures and tight tolerances prepared me for becoming an AIT engineer.

What do you like about working at In-Space Missions?

Being a small company provides opportunities to work on things outside my job description and to learn a lot more and from people who have vast experience from their years of work in the space sector. This really appeals to me. When I joined, I could see that I would get the chance to develop and grow and learn from others. This was invaluable for someone like me who is in the early stages of their career.

There are a lot of young people here and we are all benefitting from the transfer of knowledge.

What are the people like to work with?

It is a fantastic atmosphere at work, everyone gets on well and everyone is very approachable and supportive and knowledgeable. This is why I am here, and I enjoy my work. I look forward to coming into work and speaking to people as friends and colleagues.
My apprenticeship years were hard going but invaluable as this has led me on to my job here which has been so worthwhile.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Pre-pandemic I loved to travel and to get out on my road bike whenever I can, especially when the sun is shining!

Article  by In-Space Missions
Date: 2nd September 2021