It’s been an exciting time at In-Space as in the past month we’ve rebranded and recruited three more staff.

Dr Kathryn O'Donnell joins In-Space Missions as Director of Delivery & Operations

Our website is still catching up with the brand change but if you come and see us at the Utah SmallSat conference you’ll be able to see our marvellous stand and we’ll happily give you one of our very stylish freebies. Also expect some very interesting announcements from us at Utah…

Our first new member of staff, who joined last week, is Dr Kathryn O’Donnell. Kathryn is working part time between In-Space Missions and BAE Systems and will be leading our delivery activities and dragging SpaceTime over the finish line. As soon as we can persuade her to, we’ll be putting her bio up on the Who are In-Space? page.

Article by: In-Space
Date: 20th July 2018