SpaceTime Enterprises News article In-Space Missions

So, it’s finally happened – we’ve broken cover (properly) on SpaceTime Enterprises.

Over the last 9 months, what started as a Virtual Astronaut In-Orbit Demonstration mission (with some great support from ViaSat, UKSA, KTN, Oxford Innovation, SFN, FieldFisher and others) has grown wings and flown as SpaceTime Enterprises – our new joint-venture with the best-in-class, award-winning, words-fail-me-they’re-so-magnificent, Rewind.  It’s tremendous fun working with people coming out of a different sector, with such a different perspective on technology.  Together we have proven to be greater than the sum of our parts in creating a common vision for SpaceTime Enterprises and we all eagerly await the launch of our first SpaceTime satellite in summer 2019.

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Article by: In-Space
Date: 26th April 2018