We design, build and operate physical and digital space missions, providing a valuable service to global customers keen to get their technology on orbit quickly.

We currently have 8 spacecraft in design and build and we have over 150 combined team-years of experience in military, institutional and commercial space activities covering Earth Observation, Sat Comms, Navigation, Space Science and Space Exploration.

InSpace Dedicated

InSpace Dedicated is a 100kg+ small satellite platform offering flexible payload accommodation up to 60kg.

The platform design includes a TByte of data storage and variety of payload data interfaces which can be scaled to accommodate multiple payloads. The mission can be augmented with an on-orbit processing solution along with a GEO ISL to support low latency applications.

Suitable for a range of payloads including:

    • Earth observation
    • ISR and SSA/SDA
    • RF sensing and communications
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InSpace Rideshare

In-Space offers ‘Space as a Service’ through our InSpace Rideshare satellite platform service. InSpace Rideshare is the world’s first commercial service offering long-life, low-cost, payload flight opportunities for early service and technology demonstration in LEO.

We currently have payload space available for our next launch – contact us to discuss your payload and commercial needs.

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InSpace Digital

A sophisticated, flexible, re-configurable integrated ground and space system that will deliver a comprehensive capability to address the needs of the end-users in the civil and commercial domains.


Exploit our rich archive of geometric & radiometric corrected EO, SAR and RF data, or utilise our tailored analytics products that are continually updated with data from our InSpace Digital Live system.


Develop your applications in a simulated environment that is representative of our operational InSpace Digital Live system configuration.


Task our InSpace Digital Live system to deliver timely geolocated raw or processed EO, SAR and RF data to further your application development.


Validate, upload and execute your application on our operational InSpace Digital Live system with the full support of our service delivery team.

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Procurement Support

In-Space provides a customer friend function to enable pragmatic technical and programmatic oversight on innovative space mission and subsystem procurements. We are able to represent the customer, work alongside them or provide support at arm’s length as required. Bringing over 150 years of space experience, we can engage from concept design and funding raising; through supplier selection and management; to build, test, launch and operations.

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