In-Space has developed a number of products and services from new space missions to consultancy and procurement support.

We have over 150 combined team-years of experience in military, institutional and commercial space activities covering Earth Observation, Sat Comms, Navigation, Space Science and Space Exploration. We currently have 8 spacecraft in design and build.

Space as a service, consultancy, teaming and procurement support provided by In-Space Missions Ltd

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In-Space offers ‘Space as a Service’ through its Faraday platform service. Faraday is the world’s first commercial service offering long-life, low-cost, payload flight opportunities for early service and technology demonstration in LEO. Faraday Phoenix will launch mid 2021.



In-Space’s preferred working mode is collaborative and we work alongside other small companies and start-ups to develop innovative business models and technologies and take them from concept to fully funded, operational systems. A recent example is the founding of SpaceTime Enterprises Limited (a Joint Venture with REWIND Ltd to deliver real-time immersive video from space) for which we have raised a substantial amount of conditional funding.

In-Space intentionally doesn’t maintain a large workforce of subsystem specialists. When bidding for large, multi-disciplinary projects, we will put together a team of partners and develop and leverage strong relationships to deliver. This allows for a ‘best in class’ approach as a team of specialists can be assembled around a challenging project to provide world class solutions. The approach also enables us to be technology agnostic in addressing a customer’s needs as there is no push to always offer the same internal solution.


In-Space offers high quality and independent technical and commercial expertise and sector knowledge in the space domain to a wide range of clients. Our customers have included newspace companies, traditional space companies, institutions and government (including government security agencies).  In-Space has supported and enabled everything from large scale capital projects to small scale technical developments.

As an example, In-Space was used by the UK Space Agency to run the Sub-Orbital Spaceflight and Small Satellite Launch programme during its first year. Here, the technical and programmatic expertise that In-Space was able to bring to bear enabled a successful first phase for what has become a critical programme for the UK.

In-Space has also supplied niche expertise to clients. We have supported the financial and legal sectors in performing due diligence and providing advice. We have also provided detailed, confidential support to a number of newspace customers in solving critical operational issues. Working with larger organisations, In-Space has provided support to key R&D programmes where the team has been able to leverage a fresh mindset combined with many ‘satellite-years’ of experience to create novel and importantly, realisable, solutions.

Procurement support

In-Space provides a customer friend function to enable pragmatic technical and programmatic oversight on innovative space mission and subsystem procurements. We are able to represent the customer, work alongside them or provide support at arm’s length as required. Bringing over 150 years of space experience, we can engage from concept design and funding raising; through supplier selection and management; to build, test, launch and operations.

We are currently supporting the newspace start-up, Kleos Space, in procuring their satellite constellation and launch vehicle. We have also worked with Methera Global Communications in running a procurement activity for its 16 satellite MEO constellation and associated launch vehicles.

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